The Request Signature feature allows you to send a document to anyone to be signed remotely. It is a feature for our Plus and Premium plan users. 

How do I use the Request Signature feature?

  • To request a signature, click Request Signature on the specific document in your dashboard


  • Add the email addresses and names of the recipients of the signature request. You can also add an optional message for the signers.

  • If you add multiple signers, you'll see an option come up to Set Signing Order if you need to specify the order your signers will receive and can sign the document. By default, your signers will be able to access and sign as soon as the document is sent out.  
  • Once you’ve added the necessary details, click either Add Fields to use Document Fields on your request and specify the signature locations, or click Send without Fields to send the document as-is. 
  • Once you've finished preparing the document and click Send, your recipient(s) will receive an email invitation to sign the document. Your document will be moved to the Pending state
  • Once you’ve sent the request, you can stay updated on the progress of the signers by reloading the Web app window. Click on the link next to Waiting for to view the status of the signers.


  • You can send a reminder email to your signers by clicking the Remind option.

What if I need to cancel a request?

  • You can cancel a signature request at any time using the dropdown menu on the dashboard. Open the dropdown and select Void, all signers will get an email informing them that the request has been voided. The signing invitations will immediately be voided as well.