Once your Template is created and saved in your Templates dashboard, you can use it in your Request Signature workflows. For information on creating a Template, see Creating a Template. Once created, using it is simple!

Where do I find my saved Templates?

When you've created a Template you can access it from your SignEasy dashboard the same way you would access another document.

Use the left-hand navigation to go to the Templates section

You'll see your saved Templates here, you can select to start a signature request, create a new Template, or remove an existing Template

How do I use my saved Templates to start a signature request?

  • To use a Template select it from the Template dashboard by clicking Request Signature

  • You'll see the workflow you created with document details and the signer roles. Enter the signer names and emails asked in the preset roles. 

  • Once the signer name/email addresses are entered, you can add an optional message and add any CC recipients you need

When the signers are created and associated with the necessary roles, you can then select Preview in the upper right corner to review the document. You won't need to adjust the setup or modify the fields, and you can review it just to make sure the roles and fields are assigned to the correct person. Click Back if you need to modify the recipients or signing order.

  • Once the Request Signature workflow has been sent out, it will show up in your dashboard like any other signature request. The Template will be saved for future use in the Templates section on your dashboard to be re-used as needed. 

For any more information about Templates or any issues please reach out to us at support@getsigneasy.com.