With the SignEasy Web app, you can enter and save your signature for future use

How do I enter my first signature?

To enter your signature in the Web app, first open a document as if to sign:


  • Once your signature is drawn and looks the way you want, you can click OK, then click on the document to place it.

Do I have to draw my signature every time?

Drawing a new signature each time wouldn't be very convenient, so we made a way to save the signature for future use. 

  • Once you've drawn your signature, check the Save as primary signature box to have your signature saved for future use


  • The next time you click Signature from the toolbar, just check the Saved tab to find your signature ready and waiting to be reused


You can remove the saved signature at any time by clicking the Trash icon

Keep in mind that you can only have one primary signature at a time

How do I add the 2nd person's signature to the document?

To enter another individual's signature, you can follow the same steps as above. 

  • Click Signature from the toolbar
  • Select the Draw tab and let them draw the signature or choose one of our other options

You can use this option to enter the 2nd or 3rd person's signature (when necessary), however, these signatures will not be saved. 


As easy as that, your signature is added to the document, and anyone else you need to add is just as straightforward. 

Do I have to open a document to manage my primary signature and initials?

Not at all! You can also manage them by:

  • Open your profile by clicking your email address in the corner
  • Select Signature and Initials
  • Delete or Recreate either your primary saved signature or initials