How do I cancel a signature request?

  • You can void a request at anytime in the process using the dropdown menu on your Pending dashboard

  • Click Void and you'll be prompted to confirm your request.


  • Click OK to confirm the cancellation of the signature request.

An email will be sent to you and your recipients letting them know that the request was canceled. 

Note that once a signature request is voided it cannot be reversed. All signature invitations will be voided, the signers will no longer be able to view the document, and the pending copy (including any partially completed requests) will be deleted.

Can I decline a signature request?

If you don't want to sign a document, you can opt to decline a request. 

  • Just hover your cursor over the Pending document, and click Decline.


  • You'll be asked to confirm your request, and you can include an optional message explaining why you are declining.
Note that once a signature request has been declined, this cannot be reversed.