How can I set ordered signing, or change the order of signers?

  • By default, your signature request will not have ordered signing. Signers can access and fill out the document as soon as they receive the document.
  • If you need a specific order of signing, click the Set Signing Order option.
  • Add the email addresses for your signers, and click and drag the right-hand ordering option.
  • Click the X option to remove any addresses you no longer want in the signing flow. 

If you are using a specific signing order, your recipients will receive an email invitation, but won't be able to sign until it is their turn.

What if I need to sign the document as well?

If the document requires your signature as well, you'll need to add your own email address to the list of signers by clicking any blank signer slot, then click the Add Yourself option that pops up. 


If you're adding your own address to the signature list, you can either sign it by clicking the Pending document in your dashboard or using the email invitation.