Currently, SignEasy allows you to configure various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive to import and export files seamlessly from within the App, but we don't have an option yet to automatically save the signed files to your cloud storage account. However, there are few 3rd party services that can enable you to do this. Below is one example of how you can set up your Dropbox account to back up all signed files from SignEasy.

Note: Send to Dropbox is a 3rd party service that is not officially associated with Dropbox. They use Dropbox's API to upload files on your behalf. * This is a workaround while we build our own auto-sync integration with Dropbox.

How to acquire a Send to Dropbox email address:
  • Visit from your desktop and click Sign InIf you do not have a Dropbox account, yet, click Sign Up.


  • After signing in, click "Allow" to let Send to Dropbox have access for uploading to a specific folder in your Dropbox account. The folder name will be "Apps/Attachments".

  • Make note of your private email address given by Send to Dropbox. You will need it while configuring your SignEasy account in next steps. 

              Note: Do not share this email address with others, unless you want them to be able to upload to your Dropbox account.


Now that you are setup with the Send to Dropbox service, please follow the instructions below for using the new Send to Dropbox email address in SignEasy settings.

  • Open the SignEasy app, tap the Menu icon in the top left to open the navigation menu, then tap the Settings icon.


  • Tap Advanced Features.

  • Tap Forward a copy, enter the email address given by Send to Dropbox, and tap SAVE.


Now the setup is complete. Going forward, any document that you sign in SignEasy app will be automatically saved in Apps > Attachments folder in your Dropbox.

Conveniently, the audit trail for the signed document will be also saved with a file name called "SignEasy Signature Certificate.pdf".