How do I initiate a request?


To create a new signature request, open any original document, Tap on the "Pen" icon and then the option 'People in a different location than you, including yourself'.  

Tap on Add Signer, enter the email addresses of the signers. Note that your address will be added as the first signer by default. 

Choose the order in which they need to sign by dragging the Drag icon on the right or remove the by tapping on the Delete icon.

 If you do not need a specific signing order, turn on the option 'Sign the Document in any order'.

Just tap on Send on the top right to initiate a signature request.

How do I monitor my request?

You can check on your signature request from the app dashboard, organized according to the next signer. If the document is waiting on you it will appear in that section, otherwise it will show up as Waiting on Others. 


You can tap the document in the Waiting for Others section to see the next signer identity at the top, as well as send a reminder to them at the bottom.

Can I cancel a signature request?

If you no longer need a signature, or need to edit the request you can do one of two ways:

  • Tap the document under the Waiting for Others section and tap Cancel at the bottom


  • Tap the Information icon and select cancel from there