Request Signature is a new feature* on SignEasy for Android** that allows you to get a document signed by anyone located remotely.

Let's see the steps the recipient needs to follow to complete the signature on your requested document.


1. All the parties (aka. signers) will be notified about your request for signature via email and *push notification. Note: The push notification will be received only if the recipient has SignEasy app and he has given permission for Push notifications to SignEasy app. 


 Push Notification


2. Once the recipient taps on the Push notification, he will be taken directly to the document inside SignEasy app where he has the option to "Sign" or "Decline" the request. 

 Sign or Decline

Alternatively, SignEasy app will also open directly after you click on the link "View and Sign the Document" inside the Signature Request email for devices running iOS 9. If the recipient doesn't have the SignEasy app installed on his device or does not have a SignEasy account, he has to click on the email link on a desktop browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


3. When the recipient signs the document and taps "Finish", he can view the final document under COMPLETED section in the documents list screen. Both the sender and recipient get a copy of the final document in their email inbox. In case, there are more signers in the signature request, the next party gets notified to sign the document. The recipient can view the document under "PENDING" section in the documents list screen.

* Available under Business plan.
** Available on app version v4.2.0 and higher.