How does the Request Signature feature work for the recipient?


  • All the recipients will be notified about your request for signature via email and push notification. 
  • The recipient can either sign from a mobile device or computer, clicking the email invitation will take them to a Web page to review and sign the document.

Note: The push notification will be received only if the recipient has SignEasy app installed and he has given permission for Push notifications to SignEasy app. 


  • Once the recipient taps on the Push notification or email invitation, he will be taken directly to the document inside the SignEasy app or Web page where he has the option to Sign or Decline the request.


The SignEasy app or Web page will also open directly after you click on the link "View and Sign the Document" inside the Signature Request email. 


When the recipient signs the document and taps Finish, he can view the final document under the Completed section in the documents list screen. 

What happens once the recipient completes the document?

  • In case there are more signers on the signature request, the next party gets notified to sign the document. 

  • If there are no more signers or the last signer has completed it, both the sender and recipient get a copy of the final document in their email inbox.