Importing files into the SignEasy Web app is simple and straightforward, through 3 different methods.

  • Open the Web app, and click the Start Signing button in the upper left corner. 


  • We'll ask you what type of signature you need, and once selected you can click Upload File to open the File Explorer and select your document

  • You can also drag and drop your files directly from your computer to the Web app window, and we’ll import the file into your SignEasy account




  • The third option is to forward it to from your registered email address, and we will import it into your SignEasy account. Just be sure to forward it from the email address associated with your SignEasy account, and we’ll send you an email to let you know that we’ve successfully imported the document.


Once we’ve successfully imported your document, the Web app will give you a notice that the import was completed.



Keep in mind that any document imported to the Web app will also be available in the mobile app, and vice versa. So your documents stay with you, regardless of how you imported them or where!