You can add your signature or initials in 4 ways on our Web App, depending on your preferences and specific needs. The process is the same for both items, and either one can be edited, saved, and removed anytime.

  • Draw your signature/initials with a mouse or using a touchpad.


  • Draw on Mobile to enter your signature/initials on your mobile device. You can select this option to send a link to your registered email address. Open the link on your mobile device, and draw the signature there. We’ll upload the signature to the Web app and you can select to use it from the Saved section


  • Type your signature/initials in, then select one of our styling options to give it a traditional signature look and feel


  • Upload an image of your handwritten signature. Use this option if you prefer the style of your handwritten signature, and you can upload a PNG image of your signature to place on a document. Click Upload to search for the file on your computer, or just drag the file to the window to import it.



Regardless of the method you use to enter your signature and initials, you have the option to save a specific format as primary (your default signature). You can see which one is primary by clicking on the Saved tab. You can have more than one signature/set of initials saved at a time, but only one selected as the primary.



Remove any saved signature or initial set by clicking the Trash icon.

Once you’ve drawn your signature or initials, click OK, then click anywhere on the document to add them. It’s that easy!