How do I add text?

With the SignEasy Web app, you can easily add text to your document to fill information fields, your printed name, and add custom information. Adding text is just as easy as adding your signature.

To add text to your document: 

  • Click on the Text option in the toolbar 
  • Click anywhere on the document and we’ll add a text box that you can type into 
  • Use the Enter/Return key if you need to enter multiple lines of text

What if I need to move or change the text?

You can modify your text in a number of ways, and it’s just as easy as entering it. To move the text once it has been entered: 

  • Click and drag the box
  • You can make the text larger or smaller by clicking and dragging the corner of the box 
  • Need to remove it? Just click the Trash icon

How do I add a date to my document?

Many documents and forms need a date in addition to a signature, and SignEasy makes it easy to add a date to your document and edit it to fit your specific need.

To add the date: 

  • Click Date from the Signature toolbar
  • Click anywhere on the document. 

Need to resize it, or changed your mind about placing it? You can move, resize, or remove it by clicking the options around the date box.

How do I change the date format?

If you need to change the format and appearance of the date, you can do it two ways:

Manually, by clicking in the box and typing in a custom format and layout for the date, or

If you’d rather set up the permanent format to be used as the default for all your documents 

  • Open your profile
  • Click the Account Overview tab 
  • Change Date Format to the desired setting
  • Save Changes