So your document is signed and completed, now how do you get it to the right people? SignEasy has a couple of sharing options for sharing your documents, here we'll specifically discuss sharing by email.

How do I send my signed document to someone?

In order to email your signed document to someone:

  • Tap the signed document in your dashboard or document list
  • Tap the Share icon


  • Select the Email icon to choose the email account to use, and enter the recipient address


You can enter any number of email addresses to send to using the normal format of your default mail app (as set on your device). Note that we'll use the email address that is set up as the default on your mail app (not necessarily the same address as your SignEasy account). 

Can I automatically send signed documents to myself?

To save you a step and a little time, you can choose to automatically send your completed documents to the email address associated with SignEasy.

  • Open the Menu in your app


  • Tap the Settings icon


  • Select Advanced Features


  • Switch the Email Me a Copy option to On


Once this option is turned on, each time you sign and complete a document we'll automatically send you a copy of the signed document. We'll also include a copy of the digital certificate for your records. 

Can I automatically send a copy to other people? 

You can also opt to automatically send a copy of your signed document and the digital certificate to another email address, for example, a company admin, or a backup account. 

To do so, follow the same steps as above, but instead of changing the Email Me a Copy option, tap Forward a Copy.


Enter the email address you want to send to, and we'll automatically forward the document and certificate anytime you sign and complete a document.