SignEasy for Outlook makes signing documents right from your email client easy and straightforward. 

How do I use SignEasy for Outlook?

  • Once the add-in is installed, you'll see a SignEasy icon appear at the top of the email.


  • Click the SignEasy icon, and you'll be asked to sign into your SignEasy account and give the add-in permission.
  • You can then select the type of signature required, either signing yourself or sending the document to others for signature.


How does the Request Signature feature work with the Outlook Add-in?

  • The Request Signature workflow will be opened for you to create your request.

  • Enter the email addresses of your recipients and an optional message.
  • Select Send without Fields to send the document immediately, or select Add Fields to add specific signing locations to your document.
  • For specifications on Document Fields in the Outlook Add-in, see Using Document Fields in the Outlook Add-in.
  • The document will be sent to the recipients to be signed and returned to you. You can view the status of the request in the SignEasy Web app

You can access your saved Templates by selecting the Close option on that Request Signature workflow to remove the selected document. 

Once removed you can upload a new document or select a Template. 

Note that removing the document you selected in Outlook will remove the signature request from the Outlook workflow, essentially you'll be switching to the SignEasy Web app.

For an overview of the Request Signature process see these articles. 

How does Self-Signing work in SignEasy for Outlook?

  • When you select self-signing, we'll open a web window that will let you sign you document using the SignEasy web interface.


  • Sign your document, add any additional information, and click Finalize when you're done.
  • Once your document is complete, you'll have a couple of options.
    • Download - Select Download to save a copy of the signed document to your computer.
    • Send - Select Send to send a copy of the signed document to anyone right from your inbox.


All of this, without ever needing to leave your Outlook application!