Sometimes things can get a bit sideways, so here are some common issues to check when trying to get your SignEasy for Outlook Add-in working:

Store button doesn't show up on my desktop client

This usually indicates you do not have or are not signed in with an Office 365 Exchange/corporate account. Note that Outlook add-ins do not currently work with personal, home, or student editions of Office 365.

Permission or Access denied error during setup

  • Check with your account or Exchange admin to ensure that you have permission to install add-ins. 
  • Exchange admins can give or deny permission company-wide, or to specific users. They can also set up the add-in for their users company-wide. 

Add-in not showing once installed

Make sure you are using a Microsoft Exchange account. SignEasy for Outlook works with Exchange accounts. it will not work with personal Office365 accounts.

  • Make sure your account is one of the following:
  • O365
  • Exchange365
  • (with associated email address)

The add-in pauses during setup, and won't continue

The SignEasy for Outlook add-in will ask to log into your Office365 account, so you need to be sure that pop-ups aren't being blocked.

To enable pop-ups for Chrome, select the icon in the address bar for blocked pop-up and select to enable pop-ups

Can I disable the SignEasy for Outlook Add-in?

To disable the add-in for all users (as an Exchange admin) or for your own account, you can use the Outlook Web app options:

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Click Options
  • Select General, then Manage Add-ins
  • Uncheck SignEasy to turn it off for your account

Still having trouble? Reach out to us at with the following information:

  • Office365 account
  • Browser details
  • Are you using the Outlook Web app or Desktop app
  • For any permission/access/authorization errors, you can also reach out to Microsoft Support, as all authentication is processed through Microsoft