With the SignEasy iOS app, you can easily add your signature to a document, then send the completed document to anyone.

How do I sign my document?

Once you've imported your document, you can tap it in the document list to open it. To sign it:

  • Tap the Signature icon.

  • Select the Signing type; Self-signing, In-Person Signing, or Remote Signing.

  • Your document will be opened and you'll see the signature toolbar on the right (or at the bottom for iPhones). Here you can select the information you want to enter, and then drag it to the desired locations on the document.

  • Once you've added the necessary information, select Done at the top to complete your document (or save it as a draft).

I've completed my document, now how do I send it?

Sending your document is just as simple and straightforward as signing it, in just a few steps:

  • Tap the completed document you'd like to send to open it.

  • Tap the Export icon to bring up the list of sharing options.

  • Select Mail, and you can enter the recipient address and an optional message. Note that we use the default iOS Mail App for emailing documents.

Once you've selected the recipient address, just send the email and you're all done! You recipient will receive the signed document and can download it as needed.