When you go to sign a document for the first time in your SignEasy app, you'll be asked to create your primary signature. You can create, change, edit, or remove the saved signature using the Signature and Initials section of the app menu. The same information below applies to creating and managing your initials.

What are my options for creating my signature?

  • You can create your signature by drawing it with your finger or using the Apple Pencil (only on iPad Pro).



  • You can also select the ink color of the signature. Don't like the way it came out? Just tap the Trash icon to try again.

  • You can also upload an image of your signature by tapping the Import Signature icon. This will open your photos to let you select the correct image, then we'll import it for you. 


Do I have to draw my signature every time?

When you create your signature, we'll save it as the primary signature for future use. No need to keep drawing it each time; once it is created just tap the signature icon and we'll automatically add the saved signature to the document. 

What if I want to change or remove my signature later?

You can change or remove your signature later from the app Menu:

  • Tap the Menu icon.


  • Tap Signature and Initials, and select which you want to modify.


  • Use the Trash icon to remove the signature, then draw your new signature, or leave it blank and create it next time you sign a document.

Want more options for signature creation? Head over to our Web app at https://app.getsigneasy.com and check out some of the options here.