SignEasy integrates with several cloud storage options to let you both import documents from the cloud, or save signed documents back to the cloud. 

How do I integrate with my cloud storage account?

To integrate with your cloud storage, you'll just need to log in and give permission to SignEasy to see your documents in the cloud:

  • Open the SignEasy app Menu, and tap the Settings icon

  • Select Cloud Integration


  • Switch on the cloud storage option you'd like to use
  • Select the account to use or log in to your account for the selected storage option
  • When asked, give permission for SignEasy to see your documents in that specific option (we won't access it unless you request to import a document)

     Note that you can still use the cloud integration without this step, but you'll need to log in to your cloud storage account each time you try to import a document.

I've done that, now how do I import documents?

  • Open your SignEasy app, then select the Import icon

  • Select the desired cloud option

  • Log in to your account on the storage option, and you'll be able to select the document to import. 

How do I save a document back to my cloud storage account?

To send your signed document back to your cloud storage:

  • Select the signed, completed document

  • Tap the Open In icon

  • Select the desired cloud storage option

  • You may need to re-enter your account credentials

   Note that most of the cloud storage options will automatically save your document to a folder labeled SignEasy Backup. At this time we don't allow you to create customer folders for uploading, but we're working to add that.