SignEasy now supports the addition of Document Fields to a Request Signature, so that the sender can mark specific signing locations. This makes it easier and much clearer for the signer to understand where to sign and avoid the confusion of manually scanning a document or missing a signature space. 

How do I add Fields to a document?

Currently, you can only add Fields to a document using our Web app at

For more information on adding Fields to a document on the Web app see this article.

How do I fill the Fields on the Android app?

While you can't currently add fields in our Android app, you can certainly sign them if you get a document with fields! Let's take a look at the signers experience on the SignEasy Android app.

  • Once your document has been imported and opened, click the Sign option to open the signature interface

  • In the signature interface, you'll be automatically jumped to the first field, with a summary of the total remaining fields at the bottom. Just tap the selected field to enter the requested information.

  • Once that is done, you can either tap the second field or tap the forward arrow at the bottom of the page to be pushed to the next required field. 

* Note that when you tap on a Signature field, we will automatically enter your saved signature. If you don't have one previously saved, we'll pop up a window for you to create one.

  • Once all the fields are completed, the summary at the bottom will update you that you are done, and you can tap the Done option in the upper right corner. 

The signed copy will then be sent to the next signer in the list, or it will be sent back to the document owner.