With our Templates feature, you can create and save documents with Document Fields already setup on the document, making your signature workflows easier and faster. 

How do I create my Templates?

  • Click the Template option from the left-hand menu

  • Click on Create a Template in the upper left corner

  • Select the document you'd like to use for the template. You can either import a new document from your computer, or select an original that has already been imported

  • After the document has been selected or imported you can select the number of signers and setup roles. This will let you quickly assign the fields when you need to send the document out for signature later

  • Once these sections have been completed, you can find some optional settings, like adding CC recipients and setting a signing order for the workflow

  • When you've setup the template workflow, click the Add Fields option in the upper right corner to add the document fields to the document

After you add the fields you can assign them using the roles you setup during the workflow. Once you select to send the template out, you can just select the role associated with each signer, no need to specifically set each field individually every time. For details on creating and using Fields, see Using Document Fields in Request Signature.

  • When the fields are setup, and each field is assigned to a role, click Create in the upper right corner to save the template for permanent use

Once the template is created you can use them in your Request Signature workflows. For information on using Templates in your workflow, see Using Templates in your Request Signature workflows.

Once a Template is created, can it be edited?

After you've created a Template you aren't able to edit it. If you need to make modifications, you can either create a new Template, or remove the original and recreate it with any necessary changes. 

    How many Templates can I create?

For our Premium users, there is no limit on the number of Templates you can create. For Plus users, you can create 1 template per account to save and re-use.