With SignEasy, you can now easily add your signatures to the documents you create on Zoho Writer

To sign your documents in Zoho Writer, follow these steps:

  • Click on SignEasy under Electronic Signature. 

  • Upload the document to SignEasy

  • Select "Sign Yourself" in the signing modes you are shown.

  • You can then start signing and filling in the document. 

  • Select Signature from the toolbar (or other options, but we’ll discuss those later)         blob1477349545251.png

  • Draw, Type, or Upload an image of your signature and select options like ink color. You can also opt to save it as your primary signature to be reused in the future.




  • Click on the screen to place the signature anywhere you need it. If you need more than one signature on the document, just click to add a copy of your signature. You can use the arrows to move the signature, or resize it. Click the X if you accidentally put an extra copy on there

  • Click Done to finalize your document or Save as Draft.

    *Keep in mind that once a document is finalized, it can’t be edited or changed.

  • Once the document is finalized, we’ll send you a copy of the completed document, and you can select to either download the signed copy or email it to anyone. You can also include an optional message for the recipient.


    What if I need to add to the document later?

    If you need to add more information later, you can select Save as a Draft to allow future edits. The document will be saved in your document list under Draft status, and you can open it to add any information necessary.