With SignEasy, you can now easily request signatures on the documents you create on Zoho Writer

To request signatures on your documents in Zoho Writer, follow these steps:

  • Click on SignEasy under Electronic Signature.

  • Upload the document to SignEasy

  • Select "Request Signature" in the signing modes you are shown.

  • Add the email addresses and names of the recipients of the signature request. You can also add an optional message for the signers.

        *Note : You can add a maximum of 16 signers if you want to add Fields to a document


  • Selecting Sign the document in any order will let your recipients sign the document as soon as they receive them, without the need to sign in a particular order.  

  • To assign Fields to the signers, click on “Assign Fields and Send”. You will be redirected to the Document for further editing.

Understanding the Fields Options

  • You need to place at least 1 required field for each user in the request. You can place as many fields as you wish on a document. 

  • Each field placed on a document must be assigned to a user.

  • After selecting and placing a field on the document you can then assign it to a user by clicking on “Select signer” on the field.


Understanding Required and Optional Field

  • You can specify a Field as mandatory. If you place a Field as “Required”, the user cannot complete the document without filling all the Required fields.

        *Note: Check boxes cannot be placed as required.

  • Once you’ve added the fields, click Send. Your recipient will receive an email invitation to sign the document. Your document will be moved to the Pending state. 

  • Once you’ve sent the request, you can stay updated on the progress of the signers by reloading the Web app window. Click on the link next to Waiting for to view the status of the signers.

What if I made mistakes while assigning fields?

  • You can delete any added fields while preparing the document, so be sure to double check your fields before sending!
  • In case you sent the document with a field misplaced, you will have to cancel the current request and initiate a new request with the correct fields.

How does the signer review and sign the documents with the fields?

  • Get to know all about it here.