ote: Always start by checking for customer usage/history in the admin page. Check for relevant ticket history (specifically recent tickets or large volumes of tickets). Without relevant info it is very difficult to offer good support, and will often result in wasted time/replies.

Account Delete

  • Navigate to https://api.getsigneasy.com/scripts/signeasy_admin.html
  • Enter the customer email address
  • Enter the ticket number and note in the Comment field.
  • Click Deactivate Account
  • Send confirmation (canned response available)
  • Note: in general, do not ask for a user to confirm a deactivation request unless there is a compelling reason, or they weren’t clear. Just deactivate it if they expressly requested we do so.

Specific document error (document shows as blank, signature disappearing)

  • Ask the user if this is happening to all documents, or limited to just one
  • Ask the user what system/device this is occurring on
  • Request a copy of the document for replicating
  • If we are able to replicate the issue, create a JIRA with all relevant details and steps to replicate
  • If we are unable to replicate, follow-up for more details from the user. IS there a specific step, is their OS out of date, etc.
  • Add a note with all relevant information
  • Immediately unblock the customer with these steps:
    • Open the problem document in a document viewer (for example, Preview app on Mac, or a browser window on PC)
    • Select to Export/Save as a PDF, which will create a new copy of the PDF
    • Check that the issue is not reproduced on the new copy
    • Send this copy to the customer to unblock his use of the app

Purchase issue (client reports purchased plan not showing correctly)

  • Check the purchase history in the Admin portal
  • Investigate further based on the client device
    • If they commonly use the Web app or have previous Stripe purchase IDs, check Stripe for their email address. You can also use previous Stripe purchase IDs to find the customer info.
    • If they commonly use Android or have a previous Play Store purchase order, check developer.android for their email address or use the previous purchase ID to find it
  • If we are unable to find purchase information, request the client send us their receipt or iTunes/Android purchase confirmation. You can also ask them to check their current subscription information (screenshot if possible)
  • Update their plan information in admin based on what they send.
    • Add ticket # and comment (IAP Issue)
  • If necessary, (in the case of duplicate charges or unwanted auto-renewals) process the refund or send information for refund request (iOS)

Draft/finalizing issues

  • Ask if it is an isolated file or every document
  • Request the document name and a copy if possible
  • Check the Admin portal for draft file information. Check the recent draft file sizes.
  • If able to replicate it
    • Send the information to CSE JIRA and add to the Production Issues Sprint
    • Place in Pending
  • If unable to replicate
    • Request more info from the customer, any other possible steps to replicate, video/screenshots
  • Add a note with all relevant information

Email change

  • Request confirmation from both email addresses (likely already have it from the ticket requester address)
  • Navigate to https://api.getsigneasy.com/scripts/signeasy_admin.html and enter the email addresses to be changed in the Transfer Account section
  • Note that you can’t reuse email addresses from existing accounts. If the customer requests to reuse an address, the existing account must be deactivated first.

User Not Receiving Email Verification

  • Ask the user to check spam folder to make sure the email wasn't mis-marked.
  • When they reply they have checked and do not see it, you can use that email as verification. 'Set Email as Verified' in Admin and let the user know you have done so, they can log into the app and begin using it.  

Password reset (not receiving the link)

  • Navigate to https://app.getsigneasy.com/#/forgot-password and use the customer’s address to generate a fresh reset link
  • Use the Mandrillapp tool (https://mandrillapp.com) to access the link
    • Open the Outgoing section (left side menu)
    • Search the customer email address
    • Select the most recent password reset link, and click View Content
    • Right-click the link, and select Copy Link Address
  • Send the customer the reset link (use the link tool in FD rather than pasting the entire link)

Emails not being sent/not received by recipients/not received by the user

  • On all platforms
    • Ask the user/recipients to add info@getsigneasy.com to their address book.
    • Check their spam folders for SignEasy email.
    • Be aware that many corporate spam filters and firewalls will block SignEasy emails
  • Specifically on iOS devices
    • All of the above steps, but also:
    • SignEasy uses the default Mail app, so have your users check their Outbox, as emails can sometimes get stuck there due to various connection hiccups, Gmail settings, and overall Mail app issues.
  • Check https://sendgrid.com for bounces/unsubscribes/drops

App crashing/freezing

  • This can happen at any time, but some things to look for:
    • Very old installations (users for 6+ months)
    • Recent major update
    • Old version of the app
    • No import/signature failures noted in Admin portal
  • The most common troubleshooting method for this is reinstalling the app (mobile).
  • On Android devices you can also ask the user to clear the app data, however, reinstallation is advised just to get a clean copy.
  • On the Web app, check for things like browser type and version, specific URL used, and behaviour in incognito mode or a different browser.