Occasionally a customer might dispute a charge from Stripe, whether as unrecognized, fraudulent or as Product not Acceptable (Stripe categories). When this happens, Stripe will send us an email with the details of the dispute, and a time frame for responding to the disputed payment. This email is sent to the all Stripe users, and a copy will be imported to Freshdesk. The dispute will normally be handled by the Support team.

Dispute Process

  • Contact the customer to try and resolve any issue they had, or confusion.
  • Many time the customer is just confused because they don’t remember/recognize the charge, or didn’t know it would auto-renew. Reaching out to them can help to address confusion as well as maintain customer goodwill
  • The customer can help resolve the dispute much faster by cancelling it with their bank. If it is a case of unwanted auto-renewal, offer to take care of it ourselves instead of through the dispute process.
  • Compile evidence for Stripe dispute. There is a limited window for submitting evidence, and failing to submit the evidence almost guarantees we will lose the dispute. You can use the following:
  • Email communication with the client showing a good-faith attempt to resolve
  • Screenshot the user Admin page showing the account is active (essentially demonstrating they had access to the product)
  • If the user has logged in or used the app since purchase, screenshot the Admin page records of use, and include logs of use.
  • Logs of use (if available). These can be pulled from the Admin portal (enter customer email address, then click Get User Logs), pulled from Papertrail (if very recent) or requested from the dev team.
  • Always include an explanation of what you are entering. For example, simply entering the logs with no accompanying explanation or notes is not sufficient, tell Stripe what the information refers to, and why you are including it.

A few things to note:

  • Banks are there for the customers, so often evidence will need to be very strong. If the customer hasn't used the app, or the evidence is weak, accept the dispute. 
  • Losing a dispute hurts our payment reputation, so don't waste time on lost causes. 
  • Occasionally the bank is just reviewing the charge and a refund option is present. Use your discretion, but remember that taking the refund option will save us the dispute fee.