There are 2 tools we use that can process discount codes. Stripe is for discount codes related to individual purchases, while ChargeBee is for discount codes related to Team/VPP purchases.

ChargeBee Discount Codes (Team Purchases)

  • Search for available coupons, or click Create a New Coupon
  • Enter the Coupon name
    • Unique without being overly long (4-5 letters and the percentage, for example)
    • Tie it to the company (for example, STRIB50 for 50% off Stribling)

  • Enter the discount applied to Invoice Amount
    • Percentage Discount - percentage off the total scaled according to the number of licenses
    • Fixed Amount - Exact $ amount regardless of # of licenses purchased

  • Set Duration based on customer agreement
  • 'One time’ will only apply to the initial purchase, future renewals will auto-renew at full price
    • ‘Forever’ will apply to every future renewal
    • Use the ‘Valid Until’ section to set an specific expiration date

Common Discount Reference (single Premium)

  • 10% = $1080
  • 15% = $1020
  • 20% = $960
  • 25% = $900
  • 30% = $840

Coupon Modification

  • You can modify the coupons at any time by going to
  • Use the Edit Coupon option to make changes or adjustments to the details
  • You can also Delete or Clone the coupon as needed

Stripe Discount Codes (Individual Purchases)

  • Creating the Coupon Code
    • Go to (requires admin panel access)
    • Enter the coupon name (use the same guidelines as the ChargeBee coupons, use something in reference to the customer or purpose of the code
    • In the Discount Code section, select the applicable account type
    • Select the Discount Percentage
    • Enter the Expiry Date as DD/MM/YYYY
    • Select Generate Discount Code to finish creating the coupon

  • Modify a Coupon Code
    • Enter the Coupon Code name, and click Discount Code Details to see the current plan, discount percentage, and expiration date for the Coupon
    • Enter a new discount percentage, expiration date, and account type and click Update Discount Code to apply the changes

  • Verify in Stripe
    • Go to
    • Select or search for the Coupon you created to see the details and verify the dates match (usually not necessary unless you manually updated the coupon after creation)