Support Goal Summary: To provide quick, effective, positive, and efficient support for our customers, and a streamlined path to successful use for our trial users.

Measuring the goal (important goals and the underlying metrics)

  • Quick
    • Response times (first and overall)
    • Resolution times
    • Time in Queue (live chat)

  • Effective
    • First Contact Resolution
    • Resolution time
    • Escalated Issue turnaround time

  • Efficient
    • Resolution time
    • First Contact Resolution
    • Number of how-to tickets from users (trial or paid)
    • Replies/ticket
    • Handle time (live chat)

  • Positive
    • Survey response score/number of respondents

Support Metric Context


Secondary Metric

1st Response Time

<20 min.

Overall Response Time
1.5 hr



% Resolved in <5 hr

Resolution Time

8 hr or less

Chat Handle Time
10 min.

CSAT Score %


Chat Time in Queue
<1 min.

  • The consideration for many of these metrics are a balance of quality and speed. We’ve decided to increase our goal for 1st Response Time only modestly to ensure that speed does not overshadow quality.
  • CSAT score goal kept the same due to missing by more than 2%, overall response time maintained as we missed the goal previously by 25%.
  • We’ve trended lower than 8hr resolution time, however, to maintain the speed/quality balance we’re setting resolution time at 8 hrs.