SE002 Error

  • Description: This error can come up during Import or when trying to open a document to sign it. Primarily shows up on iOS, sometimes on Web app. Error message appears on screen, directs user to contact support.
  • Cause: This is caused by corruption in the document, usually with a new document. Basically, it means the document is corrupt/fields are corrupt.
  • Solution: Ask the user to delete the existing version and try the upload again.

Google Drive Imports on Android

  • Description: When trying to import any non-PDF document from Google Drive on Android (using the SignEasy integration) the conversion fails
  • Cause: Changes in Google SDK
  • Solution: Currently, there is a workaround for this issue. Ask the user to start in Google Drive, tap the document, and select SignEasy as the app to open the document. Opposed to starting in SignEasy and selecting to import from Google Drive, etc.