Communication Guidelines

  • Do
    • Check the customer account (click their name, then copy/paste the email address to Admin page)
    • Check the page on the Web app they are contacting us from, to better understand their question/potential issues faced
    • Greet them and thank them for contacting us
    • Conclude intentionally with a closing pleasantry
    • Speak in complete thoughts. Use ‘Shift+Return’ to drop the line down if you need to list steps

  • Do not
    • Speak in snippets (i.e. 1st line: ‘HI’ 2nd line: ‘How are you’ 3rd line: etc). The customer gets a notification every time we enter something in the chat box, don’t be a nuisance. You don’t talk like that, don’t type like that
    • Ask the customer how we can help. There is a required text box description, and the greeting asks how we can help. No need for repetition
    • Close the chat without a conclusion

Handling Guidelines

  • Incoming chat should be acknowledged within 1 minute. (See exception below)
  • No agent should have more than 2 chats running simultaneously. If a 3rd chat pops up, do not add it to your queue
  • As a general rule, a chat should not extend past the 10-minute mark. If there is further information needed or investigation, ask the customer to move the conversation to email while we investigate/gather information
  • If the chat has been inactive, wait for 1 minute and ask if there is anything we can help with/anything else we can help with.
  • Create a ticket with the chat provided there was a conversation. If the customer never replied, or didn’t follow up with info, etc, then select not to convert to a ticket.
    • Only add notes to a ticket if there is necessary context to add
    • Replies can be added to a ticket and will be sent to the customer based on the email address entered
    • The ticket requester email should always be updated to the customer SignEasy email. As per the communication guidelines, you should always check the email address on the Admin page, if they gave an email other than their SignEasy address, ask for the account address
  • Complicated support issues should not be handled via chat
    • Once we’ve determined it will need more then 3-5 minutes to resolve, request relevant information (copy of document, etc)
    • Let the customer know we’ll investigate the issue on our end, and that we’ll be moving them to email while we look into it
    • Convert the chat to a ticket, merge any others they might send (document attachment, further details) to the chat ticket

Chat Metric Targets

  • Ave. Handle Time: <15 minutes
  • Ave. Time in Queue: <1 minute
  • Missed Chats: 0