This document will address:

  • What is a CSE and PI
  • Escalation levels and process for each
  • How to pass feedback to customer support team

CSE and PI

  • CSE - Customer Support Escalation. This is any issue that support has been unable to resolve on their own and has been passed to QA/Devs.
  • PI - Production Issue. This is a CSE that has been taken up by the devs, ie it is confirmed as an issue/broken issue that is being fixed.

Lifecycle of Ticket to CSE

  • Ticket reporting issue is received.
  • The support team attempts to gather relevant info/replicate the issue
  • Once the info has been gathered/issue replicated, a JIRA is created
    • Include appropriate title description
    • Attach any customer provided images or support team replication notes separately. I.e. describe what worked to replicate it, or what steps have been tried to replicate, regardless of success.
  • QA/PM verifies the CSE for relevant info, or requests additional info from support team within 24 hours
  • The ticket is placed in Pending queue with any relevant notes. The customer is updated that we are investigating the issue.
  • Additional reports of the same issue are to be added to the same JIRA, do not open a new one for each report
  • Within 48 hours the dev team will check the CSE for preliminary info and troubleshooting estimates.
  • The dev will update the JIRA with their initial findings, and communication will be maintained regularly in the JIRA comments.
  • Follow up on JIRA CSEs weekly, unless we have been updated that it will be lengthier. The main idea is to maintain visibility on issues.

CSE Relevant Info

  • Document type
  • Device type
  • Steps to replicate
  • Frequency of occurrence/start date of issue
  • Any screenshots or images shared

PI Follow Up

  • Once a CSE has been upgraded to a PI, it should be fixed within 7 days
  • It will be moved to the relevant Dev board, with a copy left on CSE board for visibility
  • Notes should be placed on the CSE entry for support visibility on progress and completion

CSE Management

  • CSE Backlog - Awaiting acknowledgement
  • Triage to Do - Under investigation to try and replicate/gather info
  • Dev Backlog - Successfully replicated, awaiting dev pickup
  • Dev In-Progress - Currently being fixed on the dev side
  • QA In-Progress - Fix is complete, QA is confirming the fix
  • Can’t Replicate - Unable to replicate the issue on support or QA side
  • Prod Push - Fix has been completed and verified by QA, it is now released to production