With our Templates feature you can send previously created templates right from your iOS device. For our Premium users, there is no limit on the number of Templates you can have. For Plus users, you can have 1 template per account to save and reuse.

How Do I Create a Template?

To create a template please use our WebApp. Our article, Using Templates with SignEasy, will walk you through creating a template. 

How do I use my saved Templates to start a signature request?

  • Navigate to the top right of your library and select Templates.

  • Once you've selected your template, it will take you to Request Signature.

  • Assign roles (i.e. Client, Contractor), set the signing order if needed, and enter an optional message. 

  • You won’t have to assign and document fields, you can just review the roles to ensure they are assigned to the correct signers. To send the signature request, select Finish Signing.


  • Once the Request Signature workflow has been sent out, it will show up on your dashboard like any other signature request.